Nothing’s Waterproof in the Rainforest


We knowingly booked a trip to Costa Rica in the rainy season to cut expenses, so it was a given we needed rain gear. My Northface rain shell held up really well in some wind and rain on the coasts of Ireland, so I assumed it was all I needed. We also both purchased Merrell waterproof hiking boots (which we LOVE) and also had camelback rain shells over our small packs.

We decided on hiking through Manuel Antonio National Park, beginning when it was a bit cloudy. Out of nowhere the downpour began, and although we stayed dry for a bit, it was no match for our “waterproof” gear. Granted, we were out there for quite some time before getting out and taking shelter, and this was no ordinary rain. We never thought to bring an umbrella because we had other rain gear. Honestly, no matter how high tech equipment gets, you can’t beat a good old umbrella.

If you’re traveling with electronics, be careful what you rely on to protect it. Although gear is described as waterproof, don’t assume it will stay dry when getting drilled with water for a long period of time.

We would highly recommend getting a waterproof pouch that seals for electronics, passports and money. Luckily, Pat brought one so our phones and passports stayed dry. All brands are different, so testing it at home first is a good idea. That way when you’re out on your adventure you can rest assured knowing your valuables will be safe no matter how wet it gets.

Quick Tip Takeaways:
– Wear rain pants instead of shorts to prevent excess rain from going in your shoes.
– Pack your phone, passport, and small valuables in a sealable waterproof pouch.
– Ensure your pack cover is designed to fit your pack. If you order just any cover that’s not shaped specifically for your bag, it may not be fully sealed and water could get into edges of your pack.

Stay dry.  🙂


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