Water On The Trail & The Katadyn Hiker Pro Filter

Our first experience with a natural water source was at Page Spring, located off the Grandview Trail at the Grand Canyon. On the hike down, we each had a 3L water bladder in our packs, plus another 1.4L each in REI Wide-Mouth Loop-Top Water Bottles with water and Gatorade mix, and another 3-4L of water in smaller bottles.

It was clear after a tough 4 hours and 3 miles down, that we needed more water for the hike back up the following day. We had done research (a must) before leaving so we knew that Page Spring was our closest source.

Although a spring is a natural source, it should first be filtered or treated in some way. We used a Katadyn Hiker Pro, which filtered 6 liters in about 5 minutes of pumping. It comes with an attachment for both bottles and camelbacks, so it holds itself on your container once attached. It was easy to use and the water was delicious! You can see in the picture below how small and compact the filter is, so it’s great for the backcountry. We also brought iodine tablets for backup, but we didn’t use them.

Pat using the Katadyn Hiker Pro at Page Spring, Grand Canyon.

Pat using the Katadyn Hiker Pro filter at Page Spring, Grand Canyon.

Be sure to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH and know what water sources are available on your trail before going.

Here’s two examples why:

  1. We ran into a couple near the top of the Grandview Trail that cut their trip short because they couldn’t find a water source once they were down in the canyon.
  2. A solo backpacker that was actually camping near the spring didn’t know it even existed until he got there so he was way over packed on water.

Know your trail, HIKE SMART!!

If you’re planning to hike the Grandview Trail, see our other post “Grandview Trail to Horseshoe Mesa & Page Spring: Things to Know,” which includes details about the trail, and directions to finding Page Spring.


Do you have other gear worth mentioning? Share with us and your experiences!


2 thoughts on “Water On The Trail & The Katadyn Hiker Pro Filter

    • Definitely true about less traveled areas, it can be hard identifying a spring and then trying to find it again.

      From our experience talking to other backpackers on the Grandview Trail, it seemed like not many of them had really even done any type of internet research. Just seems like a no brainer to us to see what info is available! And just another reason for us to share this info via this post and others!! 🙂

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