How to Pack for Any Trip


As much as I love traveling, packing is one of my least favorite things. Maybe it’s just anxiety, but I always worry if I’ll have enough. What if we get a chance to do something I haven’t packed for? Then if I pack too much, I get angry at myself later for lugging extra weight I didn’t use. Even once I’ve packed, I’m always sneaking in another shirt or item in the days before departure.

In all of my craziness, I’ve found one packing method to be most efficient. For the most part, the trip you’re going on likely has a plan; even better, an itinerary. When we went to Costa Rica, our last guided tour, we had an itinerary from the tour company with what we were doing almost to the hour. Even for our trip to the Grand Canyon and out west, we created our own itinerary and knew our activities from day to day.

Especially on a longer trip, it can be overwhelming (especially for us ladies) to feel we’ve packed enough and have something appropriate to wear for everything. My best advice is to go through each activity by day in your itinerary and lay out the outfit, gear, and items you need for it. From there you can get a sense of any clothes/items you can use multiple times, and whether you have enough for your entire trip.


Here’s an example:

Day 1: Safari Boat tour.

clothes/gear: green tank, black shorts, water shoes, sunscreen, waterproof bag for camera, etc.

Day 2: Walking Tour of Arenal Volcano National Park.

clothes/gear: blue tank, yoga pants, hiking socks, hiking boots, daypack with water reservoir, cliff bar, etc.


Questions? Comments?

Happy Travels!  🙂


"Mouse" trying to sneak in Pat's luggage.

“Mouse” trying to sneak in Pat’s luggage.


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