A Small Glimpse of San Francisco


San Francisco was the start and finish point of our Pacific Northwest road trip, and we used it more as a place of rest before and after flights. We did, however, still do some exploring in the time we had.

For starters, I hadn’t realized how cold San Francisco would be in August. When a Jersey girl thinks of California, she thinks of warm weather and palm trees. We learned quickly that this part of Cali is much cooler than it’s southern counterpart. We spent most of our time at Fisherman’s Wharf, and the first thing I did there was buy a sweatshirt, brrr.


Being that our entire trip was planned a week before we left, there wasn’t much time for reservations. We heard a lot about the tours of Alcatraz, however, so has everyone else. It’s one of the most popular attractions, and if you plan on going be sure to book a spot weeks, if not months in advance. Although we didn’t get to step foot on the island, we still had a view of it from the wharf.



Fisherman’s Wharf is a high traffic area, but we found some excellent chowder at The Chowder Hut. We made our way over to Pier 39, which is another heavily packed area with families and touristy stores and restaurants. Not exactly our scene, but seeing the seals on the pier made it worth while.


On making our way out of San Francisco, we wanted to find a good spot to get some photos of the Golden Gate bridge. We went in and out of a couple parking lots packed to the brim with cars and tour buses, but found some calmer views on the north side at the Kirby Cove Scenic Overlook. This is just about all we saw of San Francisco, and we were anxious to continue on and spend time in the outdoors.



Our next stop: Point Reyes National Seashore.

An overview of our entire road trip: Mixing Wilderness & City in the Pacific Northwest


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