Roadtrip: Beautiful Stops on the Oregon Coast


One of the greatest parts of any road-trip is the feeling of adventure that comes along with it. Although a lot of our trip was planned, it was the spontaneous stops that allowed us to discover some of Oregon’s coastal treasures. After our time at Redwood National Park in California, we headed up Coastal Highway 101 for some beautiful scenic views before reaching our next destination.

Whalehead Viewpoint

Whalehead Viewpoint

About 117 miles north of Whalehead viewpoint, we stopped at Shore Acres State Park, near Cape Arago. We visited the Simpson Reef Overlook, where Sea Lions could be found along with a pleasant view.


Simpson Reef Overlook


Sea Lions at Simpson Reef


Another view from the Simpson Reef Overlook.

Just south of Shore Acres State Park is Cape Arago State Park.

Cape Arago

Cape Arago

Sea and Sky at Cape Arago

Sea meeting horizon at Cape Arago

After driving around Cape Arago, we found a trail leading down to the beach. I know it was an Intertidal Marine Protected Area, but unsure of the trail or area name. (If anyone can help identify it, please do!)

IMG_2326 IMG_2328 IMG_2335 IMG_2340


Found this little guy on the walk back up.

As we continued north, we got back onto 101 past Coo’s Bay, and headed to our overnight destination at Ell Creek Campground at the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area.


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